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148 Jane Street, Toronto

This story begins with these two twenty-something lovebirds that got hitched back in the 50s then purchased their first home together. Joyce was excited to move into her new home and start her life with her husband. A place to call home, love, dreams, children, holidays, and all the memories that can pack in a 70-year span. A housewife from back in the day was very different than the idea of a housewife now. Back then she wasn't walking in from her daily jog and coffee date. There was more to do around the house back then and life wasn't as convenient and accessible as it is today. Your home was a reflection of your lifestyle and pride.

Joyce had long wanted to be an interior designer and her inspiration and creations would show at home. Her husband allowed her to decorate their home however she wanted as long as he got to have his space down in the basement. Not a bad deal. After many years and the passing of her husband, Joyce maintained her home and wanted it to reflect her lifestyle and the memories shared between those walls. She didn't remodel the basement, she kept it exactly as her husband had it while he was alive and enjoying his home. Fast forward to the present timeline and she's a 96-year-old woman. Her 20s, 30, 40, retirement, and every other milestone in one's life were experienced here. Shes successfully raised her family and made memories to cherish forever. The time had come for Joyce to make the decision to put her house up for sale so she could follow her children to Florida and make new memories. She reached out to local realtors in the area for a speedy close.

The Spizzirri sisters, Gladys, and Carla took the call and through their phone conversation, they were able to get some answers to their questions to get an idea of what type of home was on their hands. Any remodeling? No. Modern upgrades? No. There weren't too many repair records on the house and Joyce had mentioned light care upkeep and a broken water heater. Having a home that is old and hasn't had a lot of upkeep can open the door to endless issues.

The sisters headed over to the house to assess the property. These photos will knock your socks off

It was like walking into a time capsule. The home of a young 20 something in present day. Family photos were decoratively placed in specific places. Antiques throughout the house, impeccable love and care for the space within these walls

We never really own a home, do we? We are merely caretakers of it until we pass it on to the next set of people that will make memories on their journey. If these walls could talk they would say Joyce loved her home and took immaculate care of it. She came from a time when people took a little better care of their belongings. Their yards were mowed neat and a woman was expected to look nice, have a tidy house and the kids in order, every day.

Of course the home was purchased and some modifications were made in order to appeal to anyone who couldn't see past the pink and blue walls. some things remained though..

The floors are the same but the areas where the stove is has been replaced and upgraded. The floral wallpaper in the breakfast nook is still festively there.


The carpets and wallpaper were replaced and it looks like the window was replaced as well, possibly for a more energy-efficient upgrade. The chandelier remains the same. There is an addition to the ceiling on the more recent photo. I am not certain why that is there though.

Livingroom and Entrance

The fireplace and the tile base is the same. Carpet was switched out for hardwood floors and recessed lighting put in and another duct-like addition to the ceiling again. The entryway also has hardwood floors but the wallpaper and carpeted steps remain.


There hasn't been much change to the bedroom.

Man Cave

The walls have been painted and floors replaced. The stairs and the railing are the same.

The home was purchased and renovated even more than these "after" photos. There isn't much left from the time Joyce lived here with her family but I'm sure the energy in that home is incredible. Love, care, renovations are all apart of the home-owning/ home selling process. It is really special to have a home that is over 100 years old and only has 2 owners in its history.

Thanks for the love and look inside, Joyce

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May 12, 2023

My house is clean but to see how well & imaculent this 96 year old woman keeped her house in the 7 decades she lived there puts me to shame. It's amazing how on how much love & hart she put into her home. She is a remarkable woman especially bcuz at 96 and living alone. She did a wonderful & amazing job. It's a shame that every thing has been remodeled after all the hard work she put into her home. But! You must understand no matter the hard work she put in. The 40s are long gone and times have changed in style. For the realitors to sell, it had to be done. If I walked through with…


May 04, 2023

Shame I would left way it was it more beautiful way old lady kept it


Oct 10, 2022

Thank you for taking the time to capture this vivid time piece before tasteless developers wipe it all from existence with their blandness, as they have already begun so.

May 04, 2023
Replying to

Agree I like it way it was

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