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Indoor Activities For The Whole Family

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

Here we are, school closures are in full effect and its going to rain for the next few days. If you have little children at home you need to come up with a schedule for their time stuck at home so they don't lose their minds and start turning on each other. Movies, iPads or any other form of screen time is the last resort we want to turn to no matter how effective they are. One of the best ways to pass time and have a blast is through creativity. Painting or coloring is always a fun and creative way for little ones to express how they feel or what they want. Have you ever asked a 4 year old to draw herself as her favorite superhero with matching jewelry that sparkles rainbows? You get some quiet time and the kids will love designing and decorating their masterpiece. You can even start to paint objects in the yard, pinecones, rocks, leave..you get the idea. By the end of it your yard can be a colorful wonderland.

For really young children try putting some different color paints in a large ziplock freezer bag. Try to get as much air out of the bag as possible without smashing the colors together and seal the bag then tape it to the window or fridge or wall and let their little fingers paint away with no mess at all. Smearing the paints around will be fun for them and you wont have to worry about the mess

If youre running low on paints then another great way to keep the little ones busy and entertained is by having them practice cutting shapes from paper. Draw a few different wide shapes like a triangle and circles, rectangles and trapezoids and have the ids make people or cars out of the cut shapes. If your children are really into it have them color clothes and paint the car with their crayons. Its a fun activity and kids are always proud of their end result, make a fuss over how creative they are.

Just gathering all the art or art like materials from around the house can turn into a really fun project for your child or for the whole family. observing textures and shapes is a fun an expressive venture for little minds.

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