• sara wynne

National Kidney Day

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

Our kidneys are working overtime and a little pick me up can make our whole system feel refreshed. What is happening inside our bodies will show up and could weigh us down and make us feel sluggish, feverish and not at 100%. Whenever my husband starts to have early symptoms of getting a cold I quickly make cilantro tea for him to have before bed and first thing in the morning. After a week of drinking the tea you'll feel much better, it only takes 2 days by the time my husband is back to normal.

Vitamin C is always a good idea to help our immune system. Try out my vitamin c boost drink throughout the day to help you along the way, especially since this virus is going around we should do all we can to keep ourselves hydrated and healthy. I hope you will try these drinks and i hope they help you in feeling great and staying healthy.

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