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Nice To Meet You

Hello there! I'm Sara, wife, and mother to 3 rambunctious energy balls. My interest in real estate began during my time working as a licensed beauty stylist. Being on location often meant having the opportunity to work inside a historic building or rooftop. When I would be called to the Hollywood hills or downtown Los Angeles I knew I would have a chance to step back in time when stepping through the door. California has so many unique cities that hold so much entertainment and first settler's history.

I knew I would eventually get into real estate because it has been apart of my life for many years. Weekends were often spent at an open-house walkthrough. Yes, I totally brake for an open house. I am that person that will check out an open house before my movie starts at the theatre. I am always interested in what property goes for, looks like, and offers. When I became a Realtor I was thrilled with the information I was able to research and learn about any given property. Los Angeles is a beautiful and culturally diverse area. I'll be posting about different cities and historical homes routinely, join me along!

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