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Wonderland Ave, Los Angeles

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

There are a few places in California that I want to visit just to have a good long look around and feel the energy if any at all. Whenever I go into a home or historical building I'm often left with the thought of if these walls could talk. I normally spend far too much time late at night researching and finding articles to read on the place so I can paint the picture out for myself. My imagination and curiosity often runs wild when little changes have been made to alter the appearance from when a crime originally happened.

Take for instance the beautiful 2 bedroom 2 bath home at 8763 Wonderland Ave in Los Angeles. From the street, the house looks like any other home. Its a rather unassuming home but if you know Los Angeles crime history than this is not just any other house. Back in 1981, 4 unsolved murders were committed here in a very violent and bloody manner, someone was sending a message. Rumor has it the detectives on the case were in need of therapy upon seeing the crime scene. One described the crime scene as someone throwing buckets of red paint on the walls. The home is not for sale but is under a lease contract. Nothing can keep a Los Angeleno from 1) living in a home "from that movie", 2) living in world-renowned Laurel Canyon and 3) being minutes away from the famous Sunset Strip.

What amazes me is the little renovations that have been done to this house since 1981. The kitchen floor is the same and it looks like little has been done to change the kitchen at all other than a paint job or removing some cabinet doors. Everything is essentially the same as it was when the murders happened no new cabinets or rearrangements to distract any new renters from what had happened.

(starting at 2 minutes you get a clear view of kitchen, warning-graphic)

The photo on the left above is a screenshot from an incredibly clear crime scene video from 1981 I found on while searching the web for more information. The corner upper cabinets are the same as are some of the drawer knobs. The countertops look to be similar and the brick under the counter has just been painted over. As you walk into the kitchen on the right is a cabinet/pantry. In recent photos, you can see the upper cabinet doors have been removed and handles replaced

The home is beautiful and the history behind the walls is apart of Los Angeles true crime history. This house makes my list of homes I would like to tour one day. Believe it or not there are buyers out there that would pay a lot of money to own a home that is culturally woven in the tapestry of LA lifestyle.

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